AVO Magazine is looking for you!

AVO Magazine is looking for volunteers who want to help out by writing interesting Japan-related articles. Do you have no problem with writing, do you enjoy creating articles, and do you love Japan or parts of it? Join AVO Magazine!

AVO Magazine publishes reviews about music, anime, books, films, games and products. Informative articles are still in the beginning phase, but we seek to publish more articles about travel in Japan, unique topics that haven’t been talked about by other online and offline publications and traditional Japan. Please feel welcome to send us a message with your suggestions! Are you not really a writer, but you love to gain experience with translating articles and interviews? We are looking for people who can translate texts from English<-> Dutch and Japanese <-> English. All work is on a voluntary basis, but it is a worthy experience for your CV and portfolio!

We are looking for: At the moment we are looking for writers who know a thing or two about the Japanese music scene, and love to write reviews, informative articles, concert/event reports and interviews! So if you have an interest in Japanese music and are willing to dive into the information, please send us an email!

Uitzicht op Mount Fuji vanuit Shinkansen naar Shizuoka 2016 - Fotografie: Francisca Hagen
Mount Fuji from the Shinkansen to Shizuoka 2016 – Fotografie: Francisca Hagen

What do we expect from you as a writer?

  • You have experience in writing (articles).
  • You have an interest in Japan and are willing to gain knowledge about it to write an article.
  • You love to write regularly for AVO Magazine, how many times that is can be discussed.
  • You are open for feedback, are communicative strong and can work together.
  • You don’t have problems with deadlines and you have perseverance.
  • You love to come up with ideas and think with the team to make AVO stronger.

What do we expect from you as a translator?

  • You are open for feedback, are communicative strong and can work together.
  • You don’t have problems with deadlines and you have perseverance.
  • You love to come up with ideas and think with the team to make AVO stronger.
  • Interest in Japan is not needed, but if you are it is more than welcome.

What can we offer you?

  • Become part of a motivated team and let your passion grow.
  • Getting more experience in writing and working as part of an online magazine.
  • Get more connections in the Japan-related world.
  • AVO gives you a platform for your articles that will be read by an international audience.
  • Eternal gratitude and credits on the colophon page.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested to become an active crew member of AVO Magazine! Please send an email to !

What is AVO Magazine?

AVO Magazine (since 2012) can be seen as an online magazine with regular updates about events in the Netherlands and Belgium, and publishes reports, interviews, reviews and fun informative articles. The focus for AVO is on Japanese music, which might be easy to see when you look at the website. The website publishes mostly in Dutch, but wants to become bilingual to reach a bigger audience.

In the past AVO Magazine has worked together with artists as HITT, Ryo Fujimura, Loverin Tamburin, BACK-ON, REMNANT, Haruka, X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus, GanglioN, ZWEI, Satsuki, ADAMS, Chii Sakurabi, LOKA, KAMIJO, heidi., Kaya, Calmando Qual, OROCHI and more. These collaborations resulted in reports, interviews, but also concerts organised under the name AVO Events & Promotion.

AVO Magazine has good contacts with conventions in the Netherlands and outside, cosplayers, and other creative people. These connections give AVO Magazine the opportunity to share a lot of news, interesting interviews, reviews and reports for the readers of AVO Magazine. Promoting less known artists has always been important for AVO Magazine as well as artists who got their breakthrough, to expand the world of the readers of AVO Magazine more and more.

In order to maintain the presence of the name AVO Magazine (or just AVO) in the music world, it is necessary to grow and look for serious candidates who want to work for us and proudly publish articles on AVO Magazine. Writing for AVO Magazine gives you experience in how to write creatively, how to look for information and promotion. You will be welcomed into a team of enthusiastic writers and photographers who inspire each other!

Did you know that it all started out with AVO Forum on May 16, 2003? AVO also organise concerts and festivals for Japanese musicians, for example, AVO J-Rock Festival (2013) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of AVO and AVO J-Music Festival (2018) to celebrate the 15th anniversary of AVO.